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Epicurean Group is a food-service management company headquartered in Northern California and dedicated to sustainable dining. We specialize in corporate and campus restaurants, fine arts and distinctive community dining and provide exceptional catering services for discerning customers. Our artisan approach and sustainable practices support local, organic farms and ranches and the sustainable seafood model of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Epicurean Group is ... fresh. honest. local.
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Fresh ingredients make all the difference, says Chef Rey Hernandez, and he's grateful to all our sustainable partners. "It's empowering to work with family farmers, and I'm inspired every time I go into the kitchen and start to work with such quality, nutritious ingredients." See the recipes, cooks' tips and Fall Healthy Food FactsFall Healthy Food Facts.

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Is your foodservice provider
truly sustainable? Or are they
just greenwashing?

CEO Mary Clark Bartlett gives
you 3 ways to tell... 3 ways to tell...

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